Quality Dentists & Providers

Our dental networks include qualified and credentialed dental providers offering members access to general dentists and dental specialists throughout the U.S. and Colorado.

We are known by the quality of our contracted dentists

“We believe that the single most important consideration of our provider network is quality dental care”

Beta Health Association has developed dental network relationships with some of the finest dentists in the cities and suburbs, throughout Colorado, where our members live and work.

Beta Health Association members benefit from:

  • Dentists dedicated to providing quality services
  • High standards for selecting dentists
  • Accessibility of dental services
  • And much more

Our reputation depends on dentists who are dedicated to providing quality services

Beta Health Association believes that the single most important consideration of our provider network is quality dental care. The key to quality dental care is the building of dental networks that allow for the convenience of location, adequate appointment availability, and the availability of a wide selection of private practice dentists who are committed to establishing a positive patient/dentist relationship.

We use high standards to select our dentists

Colorado Dental Insurance ProvidersAll participating Family Dentists and Specialists are subject to a credentialing process to ensure their qualifications meet our high standards. The program provides that Beta Health Association should:

  • Perform background checks with the State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Validate proof of current dental license
  • Validate proof of current DEA and Radiology Certification where applicable
  • Validate proof of professional liability insurance
  • Review information regarding any past malpractice history, including past or present license sanctions

More than you might expect

Admittedly, few patients ever scrutinize a dental provider the way we do. And our interest in customer service extends to the area of member satisfaction, with regular evaluations of selected dental offices and the care received there.

We randomly survey our members to determine how our program is performing, not from our standpoint but from their standpoint. These results are currently as follows:

  • 94.3% feel as though they receive good to excellent care
  • 97.3% are satisfied with the scheduling of their first appointment
  • 96.8% would recommend our plan to their friends and family members
  • 91% of our members stay with the first dentist they select when they enroll

Practice standards set us apart

Our experienced provider relations staff goes to great lengths to carefully measure all elements of a dental practice, including the following:

  • The overall attitude and demeanor of the office staff
  • Accessibility, including: parking, waiting room, and appointment availability
  • The office follows established infection control procedures, and is compliant with OSHA standards
  • The dental equipment is state of the art
  • A patient recall system is in place to encourage preventive dental care
  • Adequate record keeping and patient health history to encourage quality care

Accessibility of Dental Services

  • Access to emergency treatment, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Routine appointments generally available within 5 to 6 weeks
  • Family Dentists with office hours at least 3 days per week
  • Multilingual and after-hour capabilities by some Family Dentists are available

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