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Our preferred dentists meet highly selective credentialing standards based on education, background, license standing and other requirements. Our providers are dedicated to accessibility standards and providing quality services. Our provider directories list general dentists and dental specialists available for your plan.

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Your search returned 3 Dental Providers in the Colorado Alpha Dental Plan near city like "Evergreen, CO"

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C = accepts children
* = has nitrous oxide
** = has Spanish-speaking people
N = accepts new patients the first of the month only (not mid-month)
E1-2 = will provide 1 and 2 canal Endodontic Services (root canal) in certain situations
E3-4 = will provide 3 and 4 canal Endodontic Services in certain situations

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ProviderSpecialtyProvider IDCommentsCodes
Dr. Gina-Marie Searle
Comfort Dental - Evergreen
1232 Bergen Parkway
Evergreen, CO, 80439
General DentistADP #229*, C, E1-2, E3-4
Dr. Hossein Ouranos
Comfort Dental - Evergreen
1232 Bergen Parkway
Evergreen, CO, 80439
General DentistADP #229*, C, E1-2, E3-4
Dr. Jonathon S. Jundt
Evergreen Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery
28000 Meadow Drive, Suite 110
Evergreen, CO, 80439
Oral and Maxifac SurgeryNot NeededThis office offers a 20 discount off of their normal full fee.*, C

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