Beta Health Association, Inc. (BHA) is a Colorado based company which has specialized in both voluntary (employee paid) and contributory (employer paid) dental products since 1990. We also have an individual dental product which is available on a national basis. Our Corporate Office is located in Denver, Colorado with a Regional Office in Pueblo. Membership is approximately 92,000.

Beta Health Association takes online security and your privacy seriously

Our online administration uses a variety of encryption, procedural pratices, and authentication to guard and protect your non-public personal information.


Where applicable, 128-bit encrypted SSL certificates are used to provide secure data transmission and interaction with our web site and services. Where applicable, members information is stored in encrytped format using a variety of encryption technologies.

Procedural Practices

We will not disclose personal information to third parties not affiliated with Beta Health Association, except where required to administer dental services for our members and as permitted by law. We take your privacy seriously, using procedural pratices complying with federal guidelines. For additional information, please read our privacy policy.


To use our online interface, users must login and be authenticated. In addition to user authentication, we use additional authentication, at various levels to assure access only to authenticated users.

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